Brick Love, Part II

All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall. And another. And another. And… Yeah. Lots more of that.


I wrote Brick Love, Part I so long ago that you probably don’t even care about Brick Love, Part II, but could you please just try to care anyway? Because the brick wall that I installed all by myself came out awesome and I’m very excited to show it to you. And there’s an excellent reason why it took so long…

It’s like this. There are three major components that determine how long any particular project will take me to complete. There’s the difficulty level. (Self explanatory.) Then there’s the scope of knowledge. (Have I ever done this before? Can I learn this on YouTube?) And lastly, there is the lazy factor. (I am lazy sloth girl.) For this particular project, each of these components were at their maximum levels. In other words, installing a brick wall is freaking hard when you have no idea what the hell you’re doing and you’d rather be curled up on the couch with your fleecy blanket watching The Walking Dead. In other other words, it took me months to finish this project.

Before Pic

Before I could do anything, I had to build a platform over those stairs. I am emphatically anti-paralysis. Definitely pro-mobility. Walking is the bomb.

Open Stairs

Platform Over Stairs

This was such a daunting project, it was easy to procrastinate. This bucket was ready to go way before I was. It also implied that there was a “we” doing the job. It really should have said, “Go, You.” “You’ve Got This.” “Kick Some Ass, Girl.” Something like that.

Let's Do This.

There are a bunch of YouTube videos demonstrating how to install brick on a regular wall in your house. I am here to tell you they are all wrong. They would have you glue bricks directly to your drywall. Drywall (aka Sheetrock) is basically plaster sandwiched between two sheets of paper. PAPER! What do you think could happen if you glue a half ton of brick to your paper wall? Nothing good, people.

I went over my drywall with this:

Special Sheet Metal

That’s special sheet metal made just for this purpose. See those little tabs? They hold up the bricks and keep the rows even as you glue them in place.

Sheet Metal After

The sheets get screwed right into the studs. (So I won’t get screwed by paper peeling off my drywall…) They are very sharp and very heavy. Installation sucked a lot.

The next step was gluing the bricks. I started on the corner so any cuts I had to make would end up on the outside edges.

Corner Row

And then I kept on going…

  Bricks Go Up

That part took a couple of months. I glued each brick on with construction adhesive. I used a tile saw to make cuts. Bricks are heavy. Installation sucked a lot.


The next step was mortaring. Squeezing mortar through what’s basically a pastry bag for concrete was difficult with my weak, girly, bird hands. Also, concrete is heavy. And installation sucked a lot.

Here’s a picture taken after my first day of mortaring.

Brick Wall During

And here are some close ups…

Brick Wall Side During

Brick Wall Close

Mortaring took about 104 days. 101 days to look at the wall, contemplate the wall, think about the wall, observe the wall, reflect upon the wall… and 3 days to actually mortar the wall. Lazy. Sloth. Girl.

If I had thought of it in time, I would have made a video of the brick installation. I didn’t. So, instead, what you get to see is the entire mortaring process in under 3 minutes. It’s not as exciting, but things can be entertaining in super speed. Plus Egor makes a few appearances. I especially love the one at 2:35.

There’s definitely a learning curve. I got much faster by the time I finished. Now I think I could decorate the crap out of a concrete cake.

So, here it is! The big reveal! My beautiful brick wall! Tada!

Brick Wall After

It was a real bitch to install, but I love it. So does Egor. I couldn’t have done it without him. (Of course I could, but he likes when I give him credit.) I’ll give you credit if you subscribe and like and share and all that social network crap. It really helps me out. Thanks!

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43 Responses to Brick Love, Part II

  1. Carol D says:

    WOW! That is beautiful. I love brick inside. Now, do you think I could get my husband to do a wall???

  2. Sylvia says:

    Wow…what a great job. The wall is beautiful. You are amazing and fearless. I’d never think of tackling a job like that.
    How are you going to address the basement stairs?
    I know you have a plan. I’m pinning your post. Maybe it will bring you lots more subscribers

  3. Sylvia says:

    me again…I just clicked back to Brick Love, Part I….WOW you do have a great plan for those basement stairs…and everything else. Beautiful. You’ll get there…I can feel it.

    • My Crappy House says:

      Thank you! Yep, I’ve had my plan from very early on. It’s just taking a reeeeeally long time to implement it. Thank you for the pin! The next big job will be those floors…

  4. The walls look fabulous! I am not usually a fan of “new” brick but your looks like it’s been there forever! Congratulations on a job well done!

    • My Crappy House says:

      Thank you! I’m not a fan of new brick either. I made sure I got a vintage looking brick and my lack of experience with mortar actually worked to my advantage – it’s got a lot of character.

  5. Brian Smingler says:

    Your brick job looks fantastic, it was worth the wait gives the place a lot of character. Also looks like a pro did it.

  6. Margaret A. Johnson says:

    Fabulous job!!!

  7. Susie says:

    Loved the video! How much did you have to pay Egor for the cameos?

  8. Marie Mueller says:

    Looks Great V!!!

  9. Kami says:

    It looks fantastic. I love the fast forward video of you too, and the picture of Egor. He got so big!

  10. Lizz says:

    Great wall!! Where did you get the special tabbed sheet metal?

    • My Crappy House says:

      Thank you! I bought all of my supplies, including the sheet metal, at a mason supply near my house. If you happen to live on Long Island, the place is called All County Block & Supply. They were a big help there.

  11. Kathy t says:

    My goodness your brick wall is gorgeous !

  12. Sarah says:


    You are the bomb for getting that done. It looks so professional and like it’s been there for eons. You have my awe and admiration. I bow down to you, madame!

  13. Emily says:

    I have been wanting to do this on a wall in our living room but thought it was way too ambitious. You have re-inspired me! Thank you!
    Are you comfortable sharing how much (ballpark) this project cost?

    • My Crappy House says:

      I won’t lie – it was my most difficult project to date. But if I can do it, you can do it too! The two walls I bricked totaled about 130 sq feet. My cost for all supplies was around $2000. So that’s almost $16 a square foot. I live on Long Island where everything is expensive, so if you live in a more reasonable area, you might do better on cost. Thanks for visiting my crappy house!

  14. Eldean says:

    Very nice. I just have one comment that will help it look more like a solid brick wall. Remove the thin piece of brick under the beam and about 1 to 1 1/2 bricks back from the face of the beam. Then add to the bottom and the face of the beam so it looks like the beam is sitting on the corner of the wall. See the link for what it should look like.

    • My Crappy House says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! That looks really cool, but a little too rustic for me.

  15. Royal says:

    I am so impressed with your work here. This particular brick veneer looks really authentic. Please share the brand name/style/model number, if you don’t mind. Thanks!

  16. This looks stunning! Thank you for the tutorial!

  17. Trevor Caulkins says:

    Love this idea. Can you comment on the sheet metal? What is it called, and where can you find something like that? We just bought a condo and would love to do something like this I think. Thanks!

    • My Crappy House says:

      Thanks! I honestly don’t know the official name. I bought it at the mason supply where I bought my bricks. I would imagine that any masonry would be familiar with this method of installation and would be able to order the sheet metal you need. Good luck!

  18. aimee says:

    It may have taken you 104 days…but it was definately worth the wait….your vision is going to be a stunning reality! Can’t wait to see it!-aimee

  19. temp2escape says:

    i found thislink for the metal sheet tab:

    • My Crappy House says:

      That’s not exactly what I used, but close. It might work! Thanks for posting the link for everyone

  20. K. says:

    What a lot of work! You must be very fit and strong. How did you know that you need to buy sheet metal to put over the wall the way you did? I’m impressed by the amount of effort you put in and how it looks afterwards.

    By the way, the guy Eldean who told you how you could make your beam look like it was resting on the brick instead of floating on it, somehow, was telling you how to make it look more realistic, I think. Not telling you to use those crumbly wooden beams beneath.

    • My Crappy House says:

      Hi there! I learned all about the sheet metal at the stone yard where I bought my bricks. I was planning to glue the bricks directly to the wall and he explained why that was a bad idea. Having worked with sheetrock already, he made a lot of sense. If the paper starts peeling, it’s all over!

      I do see what Eldean was saying – I prefer the look I have though for two reasons. 1, Aesthetically, I think it looks cleaner. And 2, I am DONE! There’s no going back now

  21. karon field says:

    “You go girl!” Looks fantastic! They keep saying, brick is its on the way out”, but someone needs to tell “they” they are wrong! Thks for sharing.

  22. Found your blog after a Pinterest sesh. Slightly obsessed with interior brick walls. This post gave me hope. I also got to see pictures of your cat too. Bonus gift.
    Thanks for taking the time to write this, alongside actually doing it. I will be writing a post about interior brick walls soon so shall be sure to give you and your blog a shout!
    Do you still love the wall as much a year down the line, and how is it holding up?

    • My Crappy House says:

      Hi! I don’t know what happened in Pinterest world, but I’ve been getting a lot of new visitors from there as of late. Pretty cool! So, anyway, YES, I still love my brick wall and YES, it’s holding up beautifully. I am even toying with the idea of continuing the brick down into the basement. I love it that much

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